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Classification of Honours Degrees 2020/21 (May 2021)

credit points studied at level 10 are in the higher classification, they will be awarded the higher classification. Classification of Honours Degrees First class Average mark of 70% or above OR Average mark of at least 68% and at least half of the credits in the final year stage (SCQF level 10) at grade A Upper second class Degree Classification - Results and progression

  • Degree CategoriesHonours Degree Or Pass DegreeMethod of ClassificationAt the end of your studies (Level 3 for BA Urban Studies and BA Geography and Planning, and Level 4 for MPlan or BA Urban Studies and Planning if you do not wish to stay onto Level 4), the degree you are awarded will fall into one of the following five categories. First Class Upper Second Class (2:1) Lower Second Class (2:2) Third Class Pass Degree Your degree class will be decided in the light of your performance at Level 2 and Level 3 of your course and Level 4 in the case of MPlan students. DegreBachelor Degree Grades Explained - The Document CentreA First-Class Honours (a 1st) = Grade A** An Upper Second-Class Honours (HESA), approximately 15% of all degree candidates graduate with a First while the figure for attainment of a Third was stated as only 7.2%. This also varies by course; statistically, Law students are least likely to be awarded a First whereas Mathematics students

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    Apr 03, 2019 · In general the 2nd Major is in the same faculty as your main major. You will have one degree qualification/paper. Honours:NUS follows a Honours Class system:CAP 4.50 and above First Class Honours CAP 4.00 4.49 Second Class (Upper) Honours CAP 3.50 3.99 Second Class (Lower) CAP 3.00 3.49 Third Class (Lower) Guide to degree classification Academic Quality and A Guide to Degree Classification. PDF version:Guide to Degree Classification (PDF, 854kB) See also the regulations 32:Awards and classification (UG modular) within the University's Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes. This guide has been produced, primarily for students, to set out Bristols approach to awarding undergraduate honours degrees, including how they are Malta Grading SystemUS Grade. 80.00 - 100.00. First Class Honours. A. 75.00 - 79.00. Second Class Honours. Upper Division. A-. 70.00 - 74.00.


    First Class Honours 70 - 100 Upper Second Class Honours 60 - 69 Lower Second Class Honours 50 - 59 Third Class Honours 40 - 49 Fail 0 - 39 Eligibility for Award 2. A student will only be eligible for the award of a degree if they have submitted every component of assessment (which Undergraduate Degree Classification StaffNet The There are four classes of Honours degree classification:First, Upper Second, Lower Second and Third. A candidate who has not met the requirements for the award of a third-class Honours degree may, subject to meeting the requirements, be eligible for the award of a Designated Degree or non-Honours Degree. What is the degree of this term? EasierwithpracticeMar 07, 2021 · What is the most common degree classification? THE MAIN BRITISH DEGREE CLASSIFICATIONS ARE. First-class Honours (70% and above) also known as a First or 1st. Second-class Honours (50% 70%) also known as a two one. Third-class Honours (40% to 50%) also known as a third. Ordinary Degree (35% to 35.9%) also known as a pass. Honors

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    You may have noticed here that these MSc degree classifications do roughly look like undergraduate degree ones, and youd be right a distinction takes roughly the same marks as a first, a merit the same as a second class honours, upper division, and a pass the same as a second class honours,