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1000W metal sheet fiber laser cutting,cnc metal fiber

Apr 01, 2019 · 750W-Stainless Steel 4 mm. Carbon Steel 10 mm:Auxiliary gas:nitrogen /Oxigen/Air compressor: 1.It can cut sheet metal by Air compressor. 2.Lifespan is 100,000 hours. it is 3 times higher than co2 fiber cutting machine. 2.Higher cutting speed and efficient,2 time faster than YAG or CO2 laser. 3.Low cost:Machine power consumption is 20 Experimental analysis of Nd-YAG laser cutting of sheet Jan 01, 2018 · Tsai et al. reported the application of ANN for building a feasible predictive model for six laser-cutting qualities (i.e., depth of cutting line, width of HAZ and cutting line for epoxy and for copper compound epoxy) during cutting of QFN package sheet of 0.9 mm thickness using DPSS Nd-YAG laser system. They considered three input variables namely current, pulse frequency and the cutting speed

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine VS CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Jan 06, 2021 · Therefore, optical fiber cutting machine has great advantages in cutting thin plate within 4mm, but due to the influence of solid laser wavelength, it has poor quality in cutting thick plate. The wavelength of the fiber laser cutting machine is 1.06 m, which is not easy to be absorbed by non-metal, so it can not cut non-metal materials. Fiber Laser Welding Machine - Vistmac Sheet Metal MachineIt can weld a wide range of metal,including the stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,aluminum,galvanized plate,etc. Widely applied in the fields of aeronautical and space, mechanism, electron, communication, dynamic,Chemical, automobile manufacture and other industries. Here laser welding machine maximum welded capacity. 1000W. Laser Cutting Machine Size Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Feb 05, 2018 · Di can be laser series laser metal cutting machine maximum depth of 10mm. 2, stainless steel cutting. Laser cutting relatively easy to cut stainless steel sheet. High-power YAG laser cut stainless steel cutting system has a maximum thickness of up to 4mm. We develop low-power YAG laser cutting system cut stainless steel up to a thickness of 4mm.

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Has anyone experimented with laser cutting sterling silver sheet and if so what type of laser did you use and what type of results did you achieve. according to some there are laser types that perform well on copper, zinc, aluminum & brass some advertising i have read claim pulsed ND:YAG lasers can process non ferrous sheet up to 1.5 mm along with high power fiber lasers that can process sheet up to 4mm Latest Collection Of Leading-Edge yag metal laser cutting About product and suppliers:You have come to the right place to look for exuberant yag metal laser cutting machine.At , you get to pick from billions of efficient yag metal laser cutting machine sold by certified manufacturers and wholesalers. All auto and machinery parts of various laser manoeuvring machines can be found here. Steel Plate & Sheet - Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - XT LASERSep 04, 2018 · 2018-09-04 / in Fiber laser cutting machine / by admino Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With the development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machine become more and more popular on sheet metal cutting fields.

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The wavelength of the optical fiber laser is 1.06m, is more easily absorbed by the metal material compared with the wavelength of CO 2 which is 10.6 m and is especially beneficial for sheet metal cutting. The sheet cutting speed is 2 ~ 4 times of CO 2. At the same time, it has a better cutting effect for high reflective material such as What Are the Classifications of Laser Cutting Machines?The second type:YAG (solid) laser cutting machine; YAG solid-state laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low price and good stability, but the energy efficiency is generally less than 3%. The output power of current products is mostly below 600W. YAG pumped laser welder PB80 - Hans LaserThe laser power source first points the pulsed xenon lamp, and discharges the xenon lamp pulse through the laser power source to form a certain frequency, a pulse wave of a certain pulse width, and the light wave is radiated onto the Nd3+:YAG laser crysta

IPG CNC Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 3mm 4mm

3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 10mm 20mm 25mm 30mm IPG CNC . Fiber Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine for Brass Iron Steel Aluminum Overview FL4000-6020 6x2M CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine has equiped with double exchange working tables, size 2000x6000mm, which can protect the workers during cutting very big metal sheet to get big size workpieces. The laser power is very high, that