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Tube Compression Fittings (SAE J514) Flareless fittings have straight threads and a 24 degree seat. When the thread is tightened a seal is made in the interface between the seat and seal. The hardened sleeve also scores into the tubing to create (along with the threading and connection) a mechanical seal Brake Plumbing Secrets Revealed! - DimebankDec 06, 2004 · The AN single flare is still a concave flare, but its 37deg angle seals by stretching, not squashing. The tube is supported by a separate sleeve that the female-threaded tube nut bears upon. This isolates the flare from the torques imparted by the nut.

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Brass Compression Tube Fittings McMaster Carr. Fittings mcmaster See more . Choose from our selection of compression fittings, brass compression tube fittings, precision compression fittings, and more.In stock and ready to ship. 59 People Used 6 days ago View now » Butt Weld Tube Adapters McMaster Carr - tallerderobotica Butt Weld Tube Adapters McMaster Carr Butt-Weld Adapter (6) Butt-Weld Adapter Elbow (1) Cap (42) Compression Reducing Union (2) Compression Union (2) Double Ferrule Nut (7) Drop Size Tee (1) Elbow, 45 Degrees (1)(pipe) Flanges - Stainless Steel 150# Compression Tube Fittings - Grainger Industrial SupplyCompression Tube Fittings. 1,966 products. Compression tube fittings connect without tools and can be used with PEX, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, copper, CTS, CPVC, and polybutylene tubing in low-pressure fluid applications. Sort & Filter.

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The threads on the tube end of these fittings are Class 3A or 3B and adhere to tighter tolerances than other 37° flared fittings. They are made to exact AS (formerly AN) specifications and provide a tight metal-to-metal seal on tubing that is flared to 37°. Fittings require a nut and a sleeve (ferrule) for each tube JIC 37 Flare Tube Adapters - 37 Degree JIC Stainless Steel JIC 37 Flare Tube Adapters (67) Stainless NPT Pipe Thread Adapter (53) O-Ring Boss Hydraulic Adapters (21) O-Ring Face Seal Adapters (8) Instrumentation Fitting (54) Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings (38) Stainless Steel Metric Compression Fittings (5) Stainless Steel Stub Ends (6) Stainless Steel Union Pipe Fittings (0) JIC Tube Fittings - StraightsParker Triple-Lok JIC tube fitting design is simple. The tube fitting consists of three pieces:the body, the nut and the sleeve. The tube end is flared at a mating 37 degree angle and sandwiched between the fitting nose (seat) and the sleeve. This creates a very effective seal between the fitting nose and tube flare

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Parkers comprehensive range of tube fittings and tube fabrication equipment ensures your systems have the leak-free connections needed to improve your systems uptime and production. The tube fittings series include flare, face seal, flareless, DIN, instrumentation, industrial brass and stainless steel fittings, and weld fittings. tube sleeves mcmaster carr - esdaloros.esFlared Compression Tube Sleeves McMaster-CarrUse these sleeves with precision AN nuts and fittings to provide a tight metal-to-metal seal on stainless steel tubing that is flared to 37°.They are also known as ferrules.304 stainless steel sleeves have very good corrosion resistance.316 stainless steel sleeves have excellent corrosion resistance.Flared Tube Fittings McMaster-CarrTight-Seal Brass Compression Tube Fittings for Air and Water. A built-in tube support slips inside the tubing to prevent collapsing and provides a sturdy connection for an extra-tight seal. Stainless Steel Barbed Tube Nuts for 45° Flared Fittings for Copper and Brass Tubing.