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1935 Supreme Sales Flyer - Model 85 Tube Tester

1935 Supreme Sales Flyer - Model 85 Tube Tester. 1935 Supreme Instruments Corp. Sales Flyer. Page #1 - Model 85 Portable Tube Tester. Downloads, Supreme Instruments Manuals, Tube Data, and Supreme Instruments Manuals, Tube Data, and Schematics All Supreme Instruments Corp. literature in this section is free unless stated otherwise. If you have any Supreme tube tester data sheets, manuals, or schematics that are not listed here please contact me.

Free Referance Point Disk by Supreme Instruments Corp.

by Supreme Instruments Corp. Free Referance Point Disk, 1933. Free Referance Point Disk (Back) Free Reference Point Testing System. Home Page Supreme History Tube Testers Radio Diagnometers Multimeters Radio Analyzers Advertising Supreme Parts Manuals & Schematics Items Wanted Radio Tube Tester Test Equipment Schematics, Data, and for free Supreme Instruments manuals, tube tester data, and schematics Triplett Schematics:Triplett 1210/1310 Operating and Tube Data Sheet (Adobe PDF file) Triplett produced this tester in several case versions. Printable Download of the operating instructions and tube data sheet for Triplett 1210, 1210-A (metal case) and Triplett 1310A (wood RadiolaGuy :Vintage Tube tester gallery, for sale Tube Tester. The Superior TD-55 is an emission tester which is basically a miniature version of their popular model TV-11. But, unlike the model TV-11, the TD-55 will not test the early (large pin) tubes from the 1920's - early '30's. It will test nearly all other consumer tubes from the mid 1930's - mid 1960's. < click image for info.

Standard Diagnometer Equipment Supreme Instruments

Standard Diagnometer Equipment Supreme Instruments Corp.; Greenwood MS, build 1934 ?, 8 pictures, United States of America , schematics, tubes, semiconductors Supreme 89 Deluxe Tube TesterSupreme 1936 Catalog. 1936 Supreme Instruments Corp. Catalog Supreme 89 Deluxe Tube Tester. NEXT PAGE Supreme Instruments Catalogs, Flyers, Advertisements Supreme Instruments 1935 product catalog 1935 catalog contains descriptions and several full page photos of Supreme testers available in 1935. Some of the models include the 85 series tube testers, the 91 Analyzer, the Supreme Standard Diagnometer, the Model 35 Tube Tester, the Model 61 Oscillator and Model 180 Signal Generator, and more.

Vintage Electronic Test Equipment

THIS SITE IS NEW-ish, AND still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. SUGGESTIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED-just click on "contact" and share your thoughts CURRENTLY (AS OF 10/20/18) MANY LINKS ARE TEMPORARY OR INCOMPLETE. Tube Tester "Hickok 539B" is currently the most complete template, so look at that one for a preview of things to come for every instrument.I am asking for input before I Vintage Supreme Instruments Model 589-a Tube Tester for item 7 Vintage SUPREME INSTRUMENTS 500 Automatic Deluxe Tube Tester mid-1930s w/ Manual 6 - Vintage SUPREME INSTRUMENTS 500 Automatic Deluxe Tube Tester mid-1930s w/ Steve Johnson's Supreme Instruments CollectionSupreme used the term "Diagnometer" to describe its full function radio analyzers. These "Radio Diagnometers" incorporated tube testers, oscillators (RF signal generators), volt meters, ohm meters, and condenser (capacitor) testers. These were marketed as every tester the radio service man needed in one portable unit for his service calls.